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BRAHMS - A Collective


To join, simply email with subject heading: new member. In the body, either type a user name or type "anonymous" if you wish to remain so. Your user name will be checked against our database and a confirmation sent. Thanks for the interest.

Please keep usernames shorter than 16 characters.

As a member, you get other members' advice, and participate in book or music reviews. The purpose is to share opinions about any helpful resources for studies or entertainment. If you're having trouble searching through library resources, or would like to know what others have found helpful, you can browse the directory. The directory contains user comments on texts, cds, artists, as well as help on finding specific material.

The archives might be useful in getting you started on a research paper. You'll find knowledgeable contacts and off-site links. It might also help you choose a cd for someone who's never owned a Classical cd, or a friend who happens to be an expert on every Brahms piece and performer.

All participants are asked to give an honest and unbiased opinion on products and services. The ratings are reviewed to prevent unwarranted soliciting or advertising.

Our sponsers send out free cd's and texts to get initial opinions on future products to those who sign up for them. This is NOT automatic. You won't be spammed with e-mails asking you to review anything, as you must voluntariy submit a request on the website (We'll feature freebies as they come up). This is to prevent unwanted spamming of user accounts.

Since the promotions are used solely for sales statistics and are free of charge, they are provided as is (ie, you may not refund them for cash value since you never paid for them). You will only be asked to give personal information such as your mailing address if you sign up to participate in a certain review, and all information collected will remain confidential. Your ratings are used (with your consent) to help people choose quality and specific products.