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BRAHMS - A Collective


Brahms, Johannes(1833-97):

A German composer , Brahms earned a successful living in Vienna , though his conservative Classical style sparked controversy between his supporters (among them Robert and Clara Schumann) and his dramatic Romantic style competed for title among Liszt and Wagner . Brahms composed in all forms of music except opera , and is noted for his four symphonies , his German Requiem (1866) , his Violin Concerto in D (1878) , and his Piano Concerto in B Flat (1878-81) . His lieder(short songs), waltzes, and hungarian rhapsodies are also favorites.

Although a follower of Beethoven and Classical structures, Brahms' Romantic style was evident in his orchestration and use of harmony. His popular Violin Concerto in D (with cadenza by friend Joachim) is phrased according to Classical custom (anyone hear Beethoven triplets?) but also incorporates syncopation and double stops borrowed from Gypsy fiddling (why it sounds like a double concerto).

Brahms said of composing: "It does not just come to you! It is torture!"